Saturday, 23 February 2008

So on Wednesday this week I saw the eclipse. It was amazing. A couple of friends and I went to Nevins Hall which is where astronomy class takes place. They had the telescopes on the roof pointing at Saturn, Mars, the moon, and also a shiny blue star.
So I stayed on the roof for a while and then went to the 'front lawn' which is just a grassy area outside one of the buildings.
After the eclipse I went to Mellow Mushroom which is a pizza place by day and party central by night. They had a nice wee band playing and so I did a little dancing but more sitting and listening. They played a lot of Jack Johnston. I like his music a lot but I think it is swaying music rather than dancing.

On Thursday I had class in the afternoon but my drawing class that evening was canceled so I went to a friends house. I brought her Caramel Wafers and she made me Hoe Cakes. It is a traditional Southern food. It is made from corn bread and water and lots of salt and in fried like a pancake type thing. So we snacked and watched Young Frankenstein.
I had dinner at another friends house to celebrate my birthday last week. There were a few girls there and we ate Mexican chicken and also birthday cake. It was a nice night.

Friday I had class and went to the gym during the day. There were room inspections in the afternoon which luckily we passed even though we don't have a bin in our kitchen as the nasty girl has stolen it and put it in her room. It is actually mine and bought for me by my host family so I am really annoyed but the girl won't back down and claims it is hers.
I ate dinner at the loop with one of the girls I saw the night before. We then went to her dorm and watched 'Green Street', 'Superstar', and the beginning of 'You, Me and Dupree' before we fell asleep. I was woken up in the night as my friend met somebody who had been in Paisley, Scotland for 6 months. I wanted to talk to them but as my friend was sleeping thought it would be a bit cruel. Also, I have never been to Paisley so wouldn't know what to say apart from 'alright mate!'.

This weekend I will be staying with my host family which will be nice. I saw them last week for my birthday but have not stayed the night since Christmas.

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