Tuesday, 31 July 2007

I am here

So on the 27th of the month of July I arrived in Atlanta Georgia. Now that airport is HUGE. I went through customs. Admitted to having short bread with me, not as the man said 'to make me feel taller' but just as gifts for the future anyhow. His son was planning on going to Valdosta but it was too expensive so I think that he may have been a bit miffed that I manged to get in and have my expenses paid for through the Rotary Club but what can you do. After that awkward conversation, I went on a huge escalator to receive my luggage. This took a long time and I was next to a lady that kept shouting at her children who were doing nothing wrong and must have been over the age on 17 so in my opinion should not have been shouted at as though they were 10 years old. Maybe that's just me being a teenager thinking that, but really the woman was horrible. And very load.

Once I picked up my luggage I then balanced it on myself to find a happy medium on weight distribution with my two shoulder bags. That was fun and I dropped everything at one point. Slightly embarrassing although I was asked if I needed help which was nice. I then gave my bags away again, went through security and then jumped on the train. Yes, there is a train in the airport. Who knows. I took this to the last stop to once again, collect my luggage from one of the ten off belts that had Delta on them with luggage going round.

I managed to find my friend and luggage and walked outside the airport on what was called a 'mild' day. I however felt as though I was walking into an oven. Not that I have every done that I am too big, but you get the point, it was hot. Gas mark 9 I would say. We then drove past the base ball stadium and got to have a look at the Atlanta sky line which was lovely.

Once in the house I had a little chat and a sit down. The house was lovely and filled with the most amazing objects from Thailand. I then met the wife of the couple and we all ate pizza. I went to sleep at around 9 pm which would really be 2 am. I slept for 14 hours, which was nice. Once awake I drank some coffee which was a smart move considering the day I had ahead. I also ate an English muffin which is like a bagel in disguise as a tea cake.

I was then collected by my host family in once huge shiney car. They were very lovely and friendy and asked me what Hob Nobs were. We went to the largest fast food restaurant in Geogia if not the States, called Varsity. It had its own gift shop. Madness. We then travelled to Ikea which is so much bigger than the one back in Edinburgh. I was given bedding, including pillow, duvet and sheets aswell as a lamp. Once at the check out we ate hot cinamon buns whaich were yummy.

Then we started our trip back to Moultrie where the family live. Although we stopped on the way at a shopping outlet which allowed me to buy a $4 top and the family purchased some shoes and clothing too. We then went back in the car and ate at a Japanesse Steak house. That was good fun. The chef, who we think was from Mexico, but what you gonna do, cooked infront of us at out table. He would also do some tricks and spin eggs making them jump in his hat.

Once home it was 10.30pm and I was dead sleeping till one in the afternoon the next day. I won't go into the next couple of days. I shall only say that walmart was an experience and the bread bowls filled with soup must be one of the best ideas I have ever heard of or eaten for that matter.

Monday, 9 July 2007

I have hurt my finger at work today. I can't move the joint in the middle too well which made it difficult when assembling a dinning table with my dad today. It seemed alright but now it is really sore and I am typing with straight fingers which feels odd. I have put some Witch on it so it should feel better tomorrow.

Hopefully the weather is as nice tomorrow as it was today as I am hopefully going to the zoo. YAY! Very much looking forward to that. I haven't been in years so it should be good. I will also be able to pick up some leaflets that I could possibly take with me to show people in Georgia.

I wish I had a digital camera actually so I could take photos tomorrow however I am putting off buying one hear as they will be so much cheaper in the States. It would come in rather handy now though so I could take photos of my house and school and all my friends. Ach well, disposable cameras are still pretty decent.

Sunday, 8 July 2007


So the last few days have been rather stressful. Insurance is not a fun topic.

It was decided that it is safer for me to buy insurance in Edinburgh which will last me the whole year. If I had chosen to be with the university insurance it would have only covered me for the time I was at the uni and as I am having to leave a week before orientation starts, it wouldn't have been a good idea.
However, trying to waiver the uni insurance was a lot more hassle than you would think.
My poor Dad had to try to call them over and over again as no one would answer. And when we finally got round to wavering the insurance online we couldn't as I didn't have an American zip code. This meant that we could go no further on the form, even though it asked if I was an international student so you would think it wouldn't have to be mandatory that a zip code be written.

Anyway, I ended up having to write down the address I will be staying at when I arrive and hope that nothing will need mailing to me before I am in the States. Fingers crossed.

I am in a bit of an odd mood at the moment to be honest. It is the most bizarre and horrible thing to say good bye to people that you have become friends with, knowing that there is a chance you may lose contact.
It is also rather odd to think that I will go through the same thing when I leave the States. But we shall just have to see how that goes I suppose.

I was at a leaving do for people at my work last night and it felt horrible that I won't know what they will be doing in the future. I am 100% sure they will grow to be huge successes. Its just a bit sad that I won't be there to hear about it.
I may just be thinking too much as it is time for bed but I had a coffee with two sweeteners.
Not the best of plans when you have to be up at eight. Ach well.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Hello, I am just writing another quick post before I go to bed as I have been told to try and get into a routine of writing every other day or so.

I don't have anything all that exciting to say. I usually just work a couple of days at my department store but I have been doing some extra hours recently to raise money for Georgia. I also thought that it would give me something to do as I would be bored between the time I finished school and left for Georgia. However there is a lot of things to still do and I have possibly just given myself something else to stress over. However everyone I work with is lovely and I generally enjoy myself.

I have still to sort out my power point presentation as I am going to have to make a few.
Another thing that needs sorted is insurance as i think the university has their own policy which I have been advised to go for although there are certain things that it doesn't include so it may be a bit iffy.

However I have got a visa which is a good start. It took over three hours and my interview consisted of two quick questions but at least it went OK. Although it was frustrating that I couldn't really get into my book as I was worried my number would be called and I would miss it.