Friday, 30 November 2007

This week has been horribly busy with school work. I am so thankful that it is all over now. Just have one week full of final exams before I will be done with this semester.
Just saw a play by the student theatre group, everything written, directed, performed etc. by the students themselves. It was a very good play I loved it. A friend of mine performed and did so well I was chuffed for them.
Tomorrow I will be going to a luncheon at the international office. We will learn a little about American traditions and are to talk a bit about our own. Then I will be meeting with a friends aunt which should be fun.
I will have to try and get as much revision done this weekend as possible though which is a pain.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Well I only have one more class left tomorrow morning and then I will be on Thanksgiving break! YAY. Once I am back at University next week there will just be two weeks of classes left before the final exams. I have to admit that I am a little worried as we are still starting new topics in some of the classes. Ach well, I am just going to have to make the most of it and study when I can, I just hoped there would be more time to revise over past topics.

This weekend I stayed in Valdosta on campus. I had revision to do for my sociology test so that kept me occupied. I also went on a couple of quick trips to the gym this weekend as it is just next door to my halls and I think I should maybe make some room for the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners ahead.
It is a friends birthday over the break so we went out on Saturday night to celebrate it so a few friends went to Rockin' Rodeo. It was a good night and the club was packed which made it more exciting.
Sunday night the Baptist Student Ministry who organized the trip to Stone Mountain, made a thanksgiving dinner for the international students of Valdosta. It was a lovely gesture and idea. I got to meet a few people that I hadn't met before and also say hello to some friends I had made on the Stone Mountain trip.
So pumpkin pie.....not too sure about it. It is all wet and smoochy. Also I tried the sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top but there is no way that I will ever do that again. A couple of the people from America said that they have sweet potatoes as a desert with marshmallows and cinemon on top. 'Hmmm' is all I could bring myself to say.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Just back from a play by the universtity theater company. It was so funny and very well done by the cast. A friend from one of my classes was in it and was really good, the play was 'The Man Who Came to Dinner' and his character was called Banjo and was a representation of Harpo from the Marx Brothers.
Also I have just found out that Family Guy is on TBS.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Atlanta weekend

Well I had a crazy busy weekend in Atlanta. The Georgia Rotary students met on Friday night for a meal in one of Atlanta's high schools. Lasagna made a lovely change from the regular hot dogs and burgers. Once we all had our dinner and catch up we were told to go into groups of four and find a Rotarian who would be our host parents for the night. I stayed with a girl from Malaysia, France and a good friend from Scotland. The couple that we stayed with were really interesting and had traveled all over the world and had been host parents for 7 students in the past. They were also very interested in us, our views and our country which is always nice.
We had an early start in the morning at 8am. We arrived at the YMCA to drop off our bags as we were to stay there on Saturday night. We took a school bus around Atlanta with our first stop being the zoo. It was lots of fun and there were giant pandas there. After the zoo we went straight to the World of Cola. They had a tasting room at the end with different coke products that are sold in different countries all over the world. Although I didn't recognize the lemonade that is sold in England and I did hear a few other people saying they had never heard of the juice that is meant to be from their home countries.

After we all went a little mad in the giant Cola shop we headed to the Varsity. Two Saturdays in a row...not so good for my wee growing belly. We had some people from Atlanta with us so I was able to ask what the best meal was and although the picture didn't look too appetizing the chicken was rather tasty and not too greasy.
After lunch we went to an arcade which had go kart racing. We didn't all have enough money or time to go racing so most people just played the arcade games.

Then we went back to the YMCA to play the arcade games that they had there, and eat our pizza and salad. They opened up the climbing wall and swimming pool for us until 10pm which was fun. It was nice to just relax with everyone and have so much time to talk with people that I hadn't had the chance to yet. So we all slept on the floor of the gym on yoga mats and sleeping bags. It was not all that comfortable however, the fact that I was so extremely tired after such a busy day meant that I just fell asleep as soon as my head hit the floor.

Sunday morning I was collected along with the other students from Valdosta. We went to the aquarium which was just stunning. They had the most beautiful beluga whales and such stunning colourful fish. It was all just stunning.
Needless to say we slept well on the four hour journey home.

It was so tempting to just jump straight into bed when we got home but it would be so early and I didn't want to wake up in the middle of the night. So I waited until 10pm before I went to bed. This did not work out how I had planned as at 10pm the fire alarm went off once again and we were told to evacuate the building for another 4 hours while the rooms were checked for another apparent bomb threat that was called. A few people are getting paranoid but I really don't think there is any need to be. It is still an odd experience and something I could really .do without as with finals coming up it would be good to get enough sleep as possible.