Friday, 28 September 2007


Saturday is Valdosta States football teams homecoming game. This has been celebrated all week with different events. Wednesday was a comedy show which hundreds turned up to as around 100 people were waiting outside to get a seat when we were told that the auditorium was full and we all had to go home. There was also a trip to a theme park nearby called Wild Adventures which I decided not to go to as I had been told it is quite expensive. Of course I heard the next day that it was free for the students that day so I was a little miffed that this fact was not written down.

Yesterday I went to the pep rally with a friend. It was in our PE complex on the basketball court so already I was excited as it was huge. I felt like I was in a movie there was just that this atmosphere and buzz in the place. It started with the cheerleaders. They were spectacular I have to say. On each others shoulders and flips in the air, I was amazed. Unfortunately they were only wearing t-shirts and shorts so that wasn't all too exciting but the bows in their hair were smart. Made me wonder if they are given them as part of the uniform or whether they are told what type of ribbon to buy and have to go to the haberdashery.
There are also dancers. Not too sure what there deal is to be honest. It seemed a lot like cheer leading but without the acrobatics. Still rather kinky though.

After the dancing it was time for us to meet the judges who would be judging the skits performed by the sororities and fraternities. They call it the lip sync contest. The theme was 'blazing into the future' (the football team are the Valdosta Blazers). So most of the songs had something to do with burning or fire and went from the 50's to present day. It was very funny and the people performing didn't take themselves seriously and just had fun with it so it was a good laugh.
The fraternity that some of my friends are part of won in the end so I am chuffed for them. Also, the fact that they one and didn't resort to wearing woman's clothing for a cheap laugh was very commendable. Although I have to give my respect to the boy wearing the pink, PVC HIGH heeled boots, I don't even know if I would be able to walk in those.

Well tonight is a parade with different floats made by different societies at Valdosta. I know some people that will be riding on the floats so I am going to show my support with my friend from London (hopefully).

Oh, I also voted for Homecoming Queen although I am not sure how to find out who the winner is. All the girls were part of sororities apart from one who was a cheerleader. I voted for the girl who wasn't blond. She looked the nicest.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

So the last couple of days have been pretty good fun.
Last night i went to see a play called 'Wit' by Valdosta's drama company on campus. I have to say that I was incredibly impressed, the lead was fantastic. The set was also very clever and well designed.
Then I went to my friends Fraternity house for a short while and played a little ping pong. They have a lovely fairly old building with a cast iron fire place and all their pictures on the wall of previous years. It was interesting to have a look around. I had a lot of questions but it is all very secretive so not a lot were answered which was a shame.

Today I had my 3D design class which I enjoy so much! After I used the laundry room for the first time which was successful. I then went round to a friends dorm and watched 'Shaun of the Dead' as he had not seen it. For dinner we went to a place called Zaxbys which is a fast food place but with chicken. The chicken was tasty but the crinkle cut fries/chips were a bit hit or miss.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Disney World

Oh yes people, the title says it all!
Well on Thursday night I was invited to go to Disney World with my flat mate from Colombia (also here with the Georgia Rotary Programme) and her host parents.
Friday we had a rotary club meeting at Pelham Rotary Club. It was emergency service appreciation week. I was just hoping that there was no need for any of the people there during the hour as that would be a little dangerous.
After that we went back to the house and watched Sleepless in Seattle while I attempted to revise for my Sociology test (we won't talk about how that went). Then Pelhams football team were playing so we went along to give them some much needed support. The team generally don't win any of their games although they put there all in, bless their hearts.
The marching band was a lot of fun to see, I think that was the highlight. We didn't watch the whole game and went home to sleep for a few hours before getting up in the small hours of the morning so we could leave for Orlando at 5am.

When we arrived in Florida around 10am we picked up the host families son who works at Disney World. It was great as he knew exactly what we should do and how to plan our day. Also it meant that we got in for free which was fantastic!

We started in the Animal Kingdom and saw a short stage show of The Lion King. It had acrobats, fire breathers and crazy flying bird women in it. They sang the hits of the show and it was pretty spectacular. We also saw Finding Nemo the Musical which was done with fantastic puppets and some well done projection. There was a 3D show of a Bugs Life which was done very well once again. We also had a little wander around the park which has a tour of some different animals such as fruit bats (cool) and tigers. We also went on Splash Mountain which was good fun and very refreshing as it was ridiculously hot!

After that it was off to the Magic Kingdom with the big ol' castle. We had our lunch and saw the Haunted House, another 3D show with Donald duck just being silly and getting in the way of some other Disney movie songs. We also went on Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc, Dinasaur trip. Then we got to see the parade which was fantastic, all the characters were covered in lights and it was just magic. Then there were the fireworks at the castle which were amazing. Oh, we also went to a puppet show of The Little Mermaid which was pretty cool.
So that was Saturday over or at least as much as I can remember.

Sunday we went to Epcot with its giant golf ball. We saw a Finding Nemo ride and the fish tank inside which was huge. We also went on a ride called soaring which made you feel you were flying over California. I now want to visit California very badly...and I also want to fly but who doesn't? There was also a ride where you were made to feel that you were testing cars so you could go crazily fast which was fun.
We also went to the MGM Studio which I loved. It was done up like a 1940's film set so was right up my street. We went on a trip 'through the movies' which had all the charters around you in all the classics Casablanca, Alien that sort of thing. We saw a play of Beauty and the Beast which I loved. Also I was persuaded some how to go on The Tower of Terror. I coped very well I have to say. It just went up and down very very fast but didn't last too long so I was pretty good.
We saw a little of the MGM parade which was pretty fun. The muppets were there!

Right I have to get some sleep as I have my 8am class tomorrow.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

i saw my first Valdosta fire engine yesterday. It was very shiny and looked very cool, I was a little disappointed that I didn't have my camera with me.

Another Kodak moment which was missed was a trip to the cowboy shop. The amount of cowboy boots on display! Spectacular and also very odd, there must have been well over one hundred! There was also a grand display of hats and all the cleaners you could need for your cowboy hat. Loved it.

I have a paper for my human communication class due tomorrow so I will be hard at work today. 3D design starts at 8 am which is harsh but means that I have all the afternoon free to do whatever I want so I should be able to get it done.
Design class was good fun today, i was cutting acrylic plastic and bending it. However I did bash my leg against a locker door so now have a giant red mark above my knee. I don't know how I can use a saw without injuring myself yet walking seems to be a problem.