Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Last week was my birthday

Last week was a very very busy week for me. Just one of those weeks where everything is due at the same time and you want to just hide but then it all piles up and you feel even worse than you did to start with.
But in the middle of the tests and presentations I had my birthday! So...
I saw my friend for a smoothie and an afternoon of shopping. Then my host parents took me to Chilli's where I had chicken and a volcano ice cream cake which was fantastic.
Then a couple of my friends came round to my dorm room and we just had a wee natter, blew some party bubbles, played some guitar and so on.
On Friday I made a cast of my hand for my sculpture class and poured hot wax into it which will then be made into brass for my next project so that was fun. On Friday I also had an all American experience at Hooters! I ordered a burger but was later told that I should have had the fried chicken. Also found out that at night time the waitresses or 'Hooters Girls' line dance.

On Saturday night I went to Las Bendaras which is a Mexican restaurant here in Valdosta. On the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month they have a salsa dancing night. So my South American friends and my friend from Russia all went for a fun night. And it turns out I am not too bad at salsa, it is really a lot of small steps to the side or to the front.

My Sunday and Monday were spent trying to relax and also revise at the same time. Today I had a test and fingers crossed it went well. I had my drawing class tonight and after I had time to see the play by the students.

It was called 'Holler me Home' and was written by Debra Fordham who was a graduate from Valdosta State. She has gone on to work on Murphy Brown and has spent the last 7 seasons writing and producing for Scrubs the t.v. show.
The play was really interesting. It was set in the Okefenokee Swamp in the South Georgia and set in 1930. The crash of the stock market left hundreds of people and businesses with nothing. But the people who lived in the swamp had nothing to begin with so weren't effected by it. There was also a little romance and health issues and suicide all mixed in so wasn't as Scrubs like as I thought it would be but I was really impressed.

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