Wednesday, 6 February 2008

last week

So last week was pretty busy. Monday night I went to a Bible Study and then to a basketball game. The Valdosta State Blazers won the game by one point so it was all pretty tense.
Tuesday night I had my drawing class and was asked to go to a yoga class but it was starting straight after my class and I was too hungry.
Wednesday night I managed to get my laptop back but lost my key card to get into my room so had to pick up a temporary card and then buy a new one the next day. I went to my friends house for dinner and had pork with a ketchup and cola sauce which was pretty nice really.
Thursday night was a South America night at the International Centre. Some girls did a talk and then taught us how to salsa dance.
On Friday I went to a coffee hour at the International Centre. A couple friends and I went to El Toreo for dinner. It is a nice but also pretty cheap Mexican restaurant. We then went to a club called Glo down town Valdosta. That night there was another bomb threat at Centennial Dorms and so I had to sleep with a friend of mine. Nobody was allowed in the building till 5am.

Saturday I went to the gym and went to a party hosted for the international students. It was at a house on campus which is white. People here call it the White House. I know, it is very clever.
Sunday was really a day of rest and home work.

Monday this week I went a walk to the bank which ended up being 2 miles there and back. I stopped off at the hairdressers too and I have appointment for today. I saw some friends for the bible study again but they spent it talking about being a leader and getting involved next semester. Which I can't do but hey. I was glad I was there as the girl in charge on International Events was talking so I think it was good I was there to show her hard work pays off.
Yesterday I had that odd art class so had to rush home for food.

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