Sunday, 2 March 2008

I am just back in Valdosta from spending my weekend with my friend and her family who stay in Thomasville which is around 45 minutes from Valdosta.
Her family was invited to a wedding and I was asked if I would like to join them to experience an American wedding.

After my classes on Friday I drove to the house with my friend and we went to a restaurant in Thomasville called Mom and Dads. It is an Italian, family run restaurant and I was told they had the best lasagna (they have not had my dads). We then watched a little of 'Flight of the Conchords' which is a silly but very funny television show.
Saturday morning we woke up late and had some waffles in the new George Foreman Grill. Then we popped out to Belks (Georgia's answer to Debenhams) to see if we could find an outfit for my friends mother. With the wedding being outside it was important to look smart without freezing. So I ended up picking up a few bargains for myself and for some friends. After our shopping trip we rushed home to get ready and went to Gin Creek where the wedding was being held. It was almost in a field with a large lake around it. There were lots of little white chairs for the ceremony facing a wee wooden deck which was decorated with flowers and small trees.
Firstly the parents and grandparents were seated before the bridesmaids came down the aisle. The the best man, minister and groom. Then the bride arrived on a white horse and carriage (as you do) and the groom started crying which got everyone going-even me and I have never met these people.
It was a very traditional ceremony, the only thing I had not seen before was the pouring of two different kinds of sand to symbolize them coming together as one. Then a short walk away down 'lovers lane' the reception. It looked like a little house and had a chandelier and a few small round tables with pastel coloured mints. The food was fabulous. There was cheese and mash, pasta salad, green beans, pulled pork (it is good but sounds odd I know) and also grilled chicken.
It is common here to have a cake for the bride and the groom. The brides is the traditional teared cake and the grooms is usually more of a novelty cake. This one was a walnut cake with a duck sitting on top of it. I am not sure if the man works with ducks, shoots them possibly. Who knows.

It was a lovely wedding and I had a great time. The next morning we went to church and it turned out the ministers son works in Paisley, Scotland which was interesting. I have not been to Paisley before though so didn't have much to say but I have seen pictures and it does have a pretty high street. His son and wife are having a wonderful time and love it in Scotland which is nice to hear.

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