Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Yesterday I went to a Rotary meeting and listened to the Serenader's. They are high school children who sing. I got to meet some more lovely people which was great.
I also went to see a couple of my host parents school pupils wrestling in a competition between the Valdosta Wild Cats. It was one of the most horrible experiences I have ever encountered at a school (and I grew up in Portobello). The boys were only 10 years old and had to pin each other down so their opponent had both shoulders on the ground. This of course made their wee faces turn blue and they just looked in pain. I couldn't watch it. And it was so bizarre to me that the parents in the audience were shouting and obviously supporting their children but if that was my child, I would be down on that ring in a flash.
We only managed to watch two boys and then ran away from it all.

We went to a shop to find an outfit for Gwen as it was the Rotary Christmas Banquette last night which was lovely. They had a very talented harpist playing but I don't think I liked her that much. She said she would answer some frequently asked questions. Although she doesn't like it when people ask how much it costs as you wouldn't ask how much someones house costs. Erm. It's a harp. She doesn't live in it, it is a musical instrument that she plays that is rare and hand carved, I think it is a valid question.
She also wanted to clarify that men also play the harp. Now I don't know where she heard that question but obviously someone was not a fan of the Marx brothers. It is in Harpo's name, of course men play the harp.
Anyway, it was a lovely evening and as always I met some wonderful and interesting characters. One retired man in his 80's felt the need to sing Old MacDonald to me. He was a charmer.

Today I should be going to the bank and possibly to the Middle School to read to my host mothers class. Then tonight I am traveling to my dorm at uni to stay over so I can leave early Thursday morning with a friend up to Atlanta to meet my lovely mum.

Monday, 10 December 2007


All finals are completed. I am out of school and feeling pretty good about it. I will miss some friends but hopefully it is not the last time I will see them.
I am spending the next few days with my host family before to traveling to Atlanta to pick up my mother and show her this fine state.

Yesterday I saw a Christmas Youth Choir at a Moultrie church and yesterday was the Moultrie Parade.
Now, that was fantastic, nothing says Christmas like Hells/Christian Christmas Angels! Fairy lights on the bikes and dead wolfs on the head. Nice. Also loved the fact that the floats were dragged along the street by the Jon Deere tractors. It was an experience though for sure. I got to see the Middle and High School marching bands and all.