Sunday, 30 March 2008

Last weekend was my first American Easter. I stayed with my host family on Saturday and came back Sunday night.
Saturday was spent trying to find a suitable dress for their daughter so she could go to church on Sunday. We shopped till the evening and ended up meeting her friend to borrow one of her dresses.
Unfortunately we didn't go to Church on Sunday as their son was ill so we all stayed in the house. We ate Boston Butt for dinner and all the family came round. Then we watched the film Syriana.
I spent most of the day sketching for my costume design class.

This week at school I went to another play. The students performed Arms and the Man by Shaw which was very funny and performed well.

On Friday night I went to the Annual International Dinner. Students were asked to either cook a traditional meal or do some kind of performance. I realised that it is cheaper and less time consuming to perform a Burns poem instead of cook enough shortbread for the 200 guests. It was a nice evening. My room mate from Colombia sang a Shakira song in Spanish. Brazilian girls danced, there was an American Blue Grass band (with a Japanese guitarist) and also a fashion show with people in their national dress. It was wonderful to see all the different costumes. Also made me appreciate how manageable the kilt is to walk around comfortably in.

After the dinner there was a big house party which was fun. I made friends with some lovely people and we went out to Mellow Mushroom where a band were playing. We arrived to Hotel California so I was pleased. The last time I went there I heard Jack Johnston on the ukulele which was lovely but didn't really put me in a partying mood.
I went out with my new friend last night also. He is friends with the whole tennis team it seems. One of them is a lady from Manchester but she used to live in France so if I hadn't been told I would have thought she was French. Anyway they were lovely, we went to a Fraternity house but didn't stay too long as there wasn't a lot of people there.

Now I have the whole day to myself to do some work. I have finished my brass sculpture and now we are to do something in mixed media. We have far too many options that I am a little confused. We can work in glass or paper as well as metal, wood, stone, plaster, cement, almost anything really.

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