Sunday, 6 April 2008

On Thursday I went to a Step Show. It is a competition between the Sororities on campus. It was a mixture of dance and clapping and stomp. Each had a theme and they were all very impressive. A good friend of mine performed and I was very proud of her. They came in 3rd which was disappointing but at least they were placed.

Over the weekend I went to a friends house and we made smoothies and ate cake which was fun. Last night I went out with my friend from Russia and a friend from the Ukraine with her boyfriend. We went to Rockin' Rodeo. The first shock was that the band were good for once. Second shock was that the singer and bassist are from Ireland! They played the usual rock music but also played Proclaimer's '500 Miles'. I was so chuffed, danced like a mad woman and I am sure people were a little confused as most people in America will only know the song from Benny and June with Johnny Depp.
Was also thrilled that in the corner of the dance floor there was some old school dance off going on.

So this week I really have to get sorted with my studies and stop being so lazy. Just having so much work to do that I don't even know where to start. And I know I am going to have to start thinking about packing sooner or later with just 4 weeks of school left.

Next weekend will be the last GRSP weekend away with all the students. We have a district conference two weeks after but their are 3 districts in Georgia so it may be the last time I see some people. Should be fun but may be a little emotional too.


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Branjawn said...

I randomly found your blog looking for a friend names Jennifer who lives in Georgia. Anyways, as a Southerner (I live in North Carolina) and one of Scottish heritage I find your blog very interesting to read. Are you ever going to post something again?